Multi-purpose developments with homes, shops, offices and leisure facilities are among the dramatic new plans outlined in a new scheme for Brighton’s neighbouring Hove district.

As part of the £262 million plans, new green spaces and nature trails will surround 600 flats for rent in the Sackville Road scheme, along with 265 self-contained properties for older residents.

The build-to-rent developers promise “significant investment to enhance the overall vibrancy of the site while acting as a catalyst for the wider regeneration of the Hove station area and of the city [of Brighton] as a whole.”

The scheme is one of a series of regeneration projects in the UK’s main urban areas, including Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool, combining high quality residential accommodation with leisure, retail and work facilities, “actively promoting a healthy social lifestyle with the focus on aspirational residential experiences,” state the developers.

Besides apartment buildings, the developments offer cinemas, gyms and 24-hour concierge and on-site management teams.

In the proposed Mayfield Villages scheme offering properties for older residents, the management will run activities including language classes, a bridge club and off-site visits. “Residents decide what they want and how they want to live,” added the developers.

These developments demonstrate that Brighton is adding to its stock of high-specification real estate for all kinds of residents.

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