Real Estate Manager Nicholas Walsh has worked for GRE Assets since 2007. His role involves helping to build the internal business processes and systems across the GRE Group and primarily focuses on IT systems and marketing.

Nicholas has shared his top three tips on how technology can benefit a business, ensuring smooth business systems and processes and cyber-security.


Tip 1: How technology and digital systems can benefit a business.

Businesses are greatly different from what they used to be thanks to the benefit of technology. Use of digital systems is an important aspect of conducting business, be it through mobile phones, creating databases, updating spreadsheets, websites or even social media accounts.

Without adopting technology, businesses will simply not work effectively and maintenance of these systems and platforms also must be considered. Technology regularly changes and businesses need to adapt to this or otherwise be left behind in comparison to competitors.


Tip 2: Ways to ensure smooth systems and processes in business.

To ensure processes and systems run smoothly, it is imperative to document everything about each individual process and have a system of monitoring performance. Regular reporting on processes helps businesses to identify where improvements can be made and improve efficiency as well as prevent any issues or errors in the future.

Flow charts and decision rules are effective for conducting this evaluation, these used in conjunction with a documented process and checklists is a good way to begin to structure any process.


Tip 3: Cyber-security and how to keep digital systems safe.

Keep systems safe and secure by ensuring you use unique passwords for each online platform. Some browsers can also help this by suggesting a strong randomly generated password which is a good option. Passwords alone are not ideal for strong security, lots of websites and apps now might ask you to use Two-Factor Authentication using either SMS or a similar app to Google Authenticator or Authy, which helps address this.

I would also recommend keeping devices up to date with the latest software as provided by the manufacturer of the device. Ensuring best digital practices is also important, for example not clicking any links or sharing any information with anyone unless you have verified the party you are communicating with. It is more important than ever to be mindful of who you are communicating with as people are getting better at disguising themselves as legitimate parties.


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