Corporate Financial Consultant, Simon Antonis has been involved with the finances of the GRE Group since 2012. In his role he is responsible for the management of the accounts department, designing financial structures for clients and the GRE Group.

Simon knows all about handling finances in a compliant and efficient manner and regularly advises clients and colleagues. Below, he shares his tips on property finance, tax advice and ensuring financial efficiency for business.


Tip 1: Property finance

We draw on our extensive network of lender contacts across the industry for property finance. We always endeavor to build long-term relationships with our lenders and prefer those who are willing to collaborate in creating finance facilities that are tailored to our business model. It is important to choose a lender that suits the type of finance, property and project at the time to achieve the best overall facility terms. There is a fine balance to be struck between the cost of finance and the other terms and conditions of a debt facility. In our experience, investing in sought-after locations with good transport links and a superior build specification provide a valuable edge in securing the best finance.


Tip 2: Tax advice – what investors need to know about UK property

 There have been many changes to the various UK tax policies on property over recent years and tax is most often very particular to an individual’s circumstances and business plan. For instance, where an investor is looking to build a buy to let residential property portfolio, where purchase prices are typically below £500,000, and reinvest the rental profits over the long-term, we generally propose the use of a limited company. The most important aspect for UK property investors to consider are the fundamentals of the property they are acquiring, as referred to above. This is why GRE Assets is very particular in considering which projects to invest in.


Tip 3: How you can ensure financial efficiency in your business

Having key people in all the critical areas of the business who understand the business model and share the objective of growing the business efficiently is the foundation to GRE Assets. We operate a very flat management structure which results in significant savings from not having unnecessary layers of additional management. It is at project level where the most significant effect from value for money and efficiency is to be had, which is why we have continued to invest in streamlining our project delivery operation.


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