The city of Reading, a short journey west of London, is in line for major regeneration following a wide-ranging consultation, with plans including a New York-style green bridge similar to Manhattan’s High Line walkway.

“The site should deliver significant opportunities for walking and cycling,” said local MP Matt Rodda, who also called for more shops and amenities for residents in the town centre, along with more affordable housing.

Queens Walk, a currently under-used thoroughfare leading to The Hexagon in central Reading, has been earmarked as a new green space in the 127-page planning document.

“This consultation attracted considerable public interest,” added local councillor Tony Page. He believes that it will contribute to “the regeneration of what is a key part of the historic town centre” including the Broad Street Mall and the old Civil Centre site.

The full plan, which features several new tall buildings with both residential and retail use, is being presented to the local council on Wednesday 21 November, where it is expected to be approved and adopted.