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When looking to grow their property portfolio, investors can work with an investment company to help them identify lucrative opportunities and support them from acquisition to exit strategy. That said, finding a company with the right experience, reputation and services can be difficult so it is important to know what you’re looking for before taking the next step.


With this in mind, we have compiled the key factors investors should look out for when identifying a property investment company to work with. By using this insight and guidance, investors can ensure they get the best results possible from their investment.


Knowledge of the property market


Particularly if an investor is looking to expand their property portfolio abroad, working in collaboration with someone who has detailed knowledge of the new market will be essential. This can be everything from experience of local tax systems to identifying opportunities in locations at the right time.


Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the current economic and political situation, tax regulations or the property market trends in the country you are looking to invest in to check they have the relevant experience. The company should provide you with in-depth answers that give you the confidence you need to invest locally.


Flexibility to expand to any region to meet local demands


Wherever in the world you’re investing, the property industry is ever-changing so investors need a partner which can identify new opportunities quickly. A company with the flexibility and confidence to differentiate into new markets and locations both nationally and internationally is a rare find, but can deliver strong returns due to early investment. Make sure you ask about their investment criteria, as this will help you understand if their expansion process will deliver for you.


A full range of client services             

Property management can be extremely demanding, especially if you’re based overseas. Furthermore, ensuring you do it well is important in keeping happy tenants and in turn a worthwhile investment. A property investment company which offers full investment services means investors can not only benefit from experts in their field but have everything taken care of by the same company to avoid the day-to-day stresses of being a landlord. To ensure their services match your needs, discuss which services they offer and to which standard.

A strong track record of delivering for clients


Choosing a company that is experienced and has a strong reputation is essential. An investor’s ultimate goal is generating solid returns so identifying investment opportunities which will deliver is key. Client testimonials, capital growth figures and project case studies on a company’s website will give a clear idea of delivering results.


We would also recommend meeting the company in person or via a virtual meeting to discuss their track record. This will also be a great opportunity to check their knowledge of the market, ask about their investment criteria and supporting services.


Established in 2006, GRE Assets is a property investment company and developer, which specialises in residential property development and regeneration across the UK and Spain.