Young British better at protecting their homes

24 October 2017

People under 30 are surprisingly good at keeping their homes safe, according to a new survey into home security attitudes. By contrast, 45-54 year-olds are the most likely to take risks and compromise their security.

‘As the nights get darker, it is imperative that Brits consider the importance of home security,’ said Mark Kelly of, which commissioned the survey of 2001 British adults. The report found that many British people take ‘worrying’ shortcuts over their safety, in order to save time.

Most commonly, people leave valuables in clear view (48 per cent of respondents), while 42 per cent admit that they don’t set their burglar alarms. Some have empty boxes with no technology inside, which they hope will deter burglars anyway.

Almost a quarter of British people leave their windows open and one in six (16 per cent) leave a back door unlocked, as a way of saving time.

‘Evidently, more of us need to understand the importance of protecting the home and make security tasks a higher priority,’ said Kelly.

With the improved availability of remote security systems, where you can monitor your property via your smartphone, the potential for far improved security is rising. But these systems are also best understood by people under 30, so they may continue to be the best-protected demographic.