Real Estate Manager, Nicholas Walsh joined GRE Assets in 2007, making him one of the company’s longest serving employees.

In his role, Nicholas has continually helped build the internal business processes and systems across the GRE Group focussed primarily on IT systems and within the marketing department.

In this interview, Nicholas shares more about his role, how GRE Assets has evolved over the past 14 years and why he believes business processes and IT systems play an important role.


What does your role as Real Estate Manager involve?

 My function as a Real Estate Manager primarily entails communicating with other departments and ensuring all details about current and future development projects are up to date. Where required, I liaise with clients with any logistical queries they may have.

Another aspect to my role is snagging new apartments due for completion, ensuring snags are recorded and rectified. This ensures the necessary quality assurance is in place and we maintain GRE Assets’ signature high standard of finish.


How do the business processes and IT systems which you implement help GRE Assets as a whole?

 Much to the annoyance of my colleagues, I am a stickler for a process! I was tutored very early in my role on how to build and manage processes and how these are interlinked as well as interdependent across the whole organisation.

I have used my existing technological skillset to implement digital systems including rapid website development, digital document signing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and more. One improvement on its own doesn’t mean a greater increase in productivity or efficiency but the implementation of various systems help the business enormously.


You’ve been at GRE Assets for the past 14 years, how has the company evolved during your time here?

Since starting in 2007 I always believed in the vision and have seen the business grow from a small office to a bustling multi-office enterprise. It’s incredible to see it happening in real-time and being part of it gives me a great sense of fulfilment.

GRE Assets started with investing in a few apartments in London and has expanded to building hundreds of dwellings in various locations across the UK and Spain. This is no easy feat but with dogged determination and perseverance GRE Assets, with the support of the other members of the GRE Group, has become the one stop shop for property investment that our clients and vendors are delighted to do business with.


Connect with Nicholas on LinkedIn, here.

Date: 18 March 2021