Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Kent in 2009, Jennifer Richards started her career in accountancy. Following five years in the sports and leisure industry, she joined the GRE Assets team and worked her way up into her current role of Account Manager.

Jennifer is based at the GRE Assets Head Office in Oxford and oversees the running of the accounts department. She ensures that accountancy procedures are implemented accurately and managed effectively across the GRE Group, to satisfy the requirements of both our business and our clients.

In this blog, Jennifer shares more information about her role, the projects she works across and what she enjoys most.


What projects do you work across?

My role involves managing the accounts across the entire GRE Group in both the UK and internationally. This means I am fortunate enough to work and contribute to achieving GRE Assets’ ultimate goals.

Most recently I have been involved with our Riverside Park development in Ashford, our Nene Wharf development in Peterborough, and our Brises Diagonal Mar development in Barcelona.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I joined GRE Assets in March 2014 and I thoroughly enjoy the diversity of my role. It is rewarding to have an insight into all our projects and see them through their full development cycle, from the acquisition stage all the way through to completion.

I am fortunate enough to be exposed to all areas of accountancy and its respective functions, as well as being part of a talented accounts team. My role gives me a multitude of opportunities to acquire knowledge and understanding of a variety of accounting procedures in the UK, Spain and the Middle East.


What makes GRE Assets unique?

It is the services we are able offer to our clients which make us stand out as a company the most. We have a strong and dedicated team who ensure our clients will want to invest with GRE Assets in the long term. Our clients are reassured to know we will look after all aspects of their investment at every step of the way, from acquisition all the way through to exit strategy.


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Date: 25 August 2021