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As we revealed in a recent blog post, the UK property market has performed well in 2021 to date and presents an excellent investment opportunity.

We are committed to our investment criteria when identifying new locations for our developments, including affordability, strong transport connections and ongoing regeneration. These are all factors which we believe to be indicators of a lucrative property investment opportunity, however there are several other things to take into consideration before making any decisions.

With this in mind, we have outlined three of the key factors that you should consider when growing your property portfolio.


Knowledge of the local area

When expanding your investment portfolio to a new location, it will be necessary to gain knowledge of the local area. We did exactly this when we first expanded into Spain, by employing a team of locals who were familiar with the region and culture in order to better understand the market.

If you are choosing to invest in a location you are unfamiliar with then it is necessary to work with a property investment company or consultant who can advise on all the local issues.


Local property performance

House price growth and rental yield are both good indicators for how an investment opportunity will perform.

Growing cities which are undergoing massive regeneration offer consistently strong rental demand, which is good news for investors. For example, Peterborough has rental yields of up to 5.5% making it an appealing option for buy-to-let investors. Likewise, house price growth also indicates not only a local housing demand, but is a promising sign in terms of return on investment.


Access to full investment portfolio services

It is easy to underestimate how demanding property management can be, especially if it is in a new area. A property investment company which offers a full range of services, including tax advice, legal services, asset management and exit strategy can be a sensible answer to this. It will give investors access to first-rate industry knowledge, as well as not having to deal with the day-to-day tasks of being a landlord.


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Date: 4 May 2021