After a couple of quiet years following tax changes in 2016, the UK buy-to-let market has staged a recovery in 2019, according to recent reports.

As casual investors have left, buy-to-let investment has become more formal and carefully managed, with less competition for properties, said Chris Baguley at finance provider Together.

“Buy-to-let is becoming ever more professionalised, as individuals and companies adopt a more rigorous approach to acquiring the right properties in the right areas,” he said. “There is notably less competition that there was before. Income available from property investment can still be attractive compared to other asset classes.”

In 2019, London retains its prime position as the most popular city for buy-to-let investors, with 35 per cent of respondents in a recent poll naming the city as their first choice location. The capital was followed by Manchester (33 per cent), Liverpool (25 per cent) and Nottingham (15 per cent).

The survey by Experience Invest found that 39 per cent of landlords planned to increase their buy-to-let portfolio in 2019, compared with just 11 per cent who aim to reduce it.