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GRE Assets has announced its new partnership with One Global Property Services, international property services agent, to promote its Riverside Park development in Ashford, Kent, to APAC investors.


The international expansion of Riverside Park comes at a time when appetite for the UK is growing, following setbacks brought on by the pandemic, with the market boosting unparalleled commercial opportunities, stability and a long-term investment potential, particularly in the South East of England.


Below, we share why we chose to expand our reach to investors in the APAC regions and more about the partnership with One Global Property Services, which aims to showcase what Riverside Park has to offer to this new market.


‘Significant levels of investment in Kent’


Whilst COVID-19 has had a huge impact when comparing to the level of demand from the previous year, there is still significant levels of investment in Kent, and when paired with transport infrastructure and an undersupply of housing, this offers international investors the opportunity to invest at an earlier stage that has significant capital growth potential. In addition, following the effects of Brexit, the fluctuation of the British pound plays to international investors advantage with an increased value for money.


One Global Property Services confirms that whilst there are signs investors are pausing activity, for the short term, to evaluate the market and forecast for Q4 in 2020 and Q1 and Q2 in 2021, the lower market end, with properties under £500,000 GBP is currently seeing increased activity levels. Developments like Riverside Park in Ashford are well situated within this margin, with an increased demand forecasted following more exposure in the marketplace.


Comment from our Managing Director


Michael El-Kassir, Managing Director of GRE Assets, said: “The UK has a unique investment proposition for APAC investors. In Kent specifically, the lower entry level points, yields and price growth potential makes the region an appealing and profitable choice. When looking at the location of our Riverside Park development, Ashford offers a strong medium to long term pay off, given the ongoing investment into the town’s regeneration, coupled with Kent being incredibly well connected to London, Europe and international destinations.


“To help bring Riverside Park and these key messages to Asian investors, we are thrilled to partner with One Global as their extensive knowledge of the real estate markets globally, as well as their connections with APAC audiences, will ensure investors receive the best opportunities.”


Comment from One Global Property Services


James Puddle, Founder and Managing Director at One Global, said: “One Global is delighted to be working closely with the team at GRE Assets, to help them market their flagship development project in Ashford to the overseas investment market. Our primary focus will be on attracting investors from across the APAC region, with the majority of interest likely to be seen from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.


“We will work closely with the entire project team to raise the profile of Riverside Park and help to educate the market on the appeal for Ashford and its ongoing investment, making it an attractive choice for Asian investors.”


Riverside Park is a multi-million-pound residential development in Ashford, Kent. Once complete Riverside Park will encompass 246 apartments, 26 townhouses and a new public realm.

Date: 30 October 2020