The south coast UK city of Brighton is once more in the spotlight, attracting a new wave of property buyers together with intense interest from creative industries.

In the past decade, the number of homes sold for at least £1 million has quadrupled, from 25 sold in 2007 to 99 in 2017.

“Brighton and Hove is in demand because we’re close to London and out city is very vibrant and diverse,’ said one property professional. “We have excellent schools, we have the Fringe Festival and we have the beach.”

Rail connections to London take just one hour, and Gatwick Airport is 30 minutes away. And by comparison with Central London, property values remain very affordable.

Channel 4 television shortlisted Brighton as one of its two potential ‘creative hub’ locations, as the national broadcaster seeks to diversify its operations to the UK regions. A total of £250 million will be spent across the regions, above its current levels, which “will benefit all parts of the UK,” said Jonathan Allen, Channel 4 Chief Commercial Officer.

“This is good news for Brighton and Hove, our cultural economy and jobs,” said councillor Joe Miller. Channel 4 will visit each of the potential locations before making a decision in October 2018.

GRE Assets has a major development at Brighton Marina