Barcelona property market ‘most dynamic in Spain’

22 June 2017

Amid a general upturn in Spanish property values, the Barcelona market is outstripping its rivals, according to the latest reports.

“Demand significantly exceeds the availability of homes,” said one local expert. “Barcelona is a region with a healthy economy and excellent infrastructure, which offers a high quality of life. We predict that this year prices for high quality residential property in prime locations will rise by 9 per cent.”

Any fall in demand from British investors, discouraged by the low pound, has been replaced by international buyers. Barcelona is the top choice for Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Egyptian property investors, says property lawyer Antonio Caracuel.

The city is the top choice for overseas investors seeking a ‘Golden Visa’, offering residency permits and potential citizenship to investors. Barcelona is preferred to Marbella and Madrid, Alicante and Girona by these investors.

Out of more than 2,000 Golden Visa applications between 2013 and 2016, 43 per cent were in Barcelona.