Our Services

Investing in property requires specialist expertise. Whether it be researching the right property or advising clients on UK law and tax, GRE Assets offers a complete service.


Every investment starts by discovering an opportunity. GRE Assets recognise how crucial it is to have a strong network of reliable contacts in order to source the very best opportunities for clients.

Being in close contact with a range of developers, brokers, architects, liquidators, and planning consultants, they can ensure a significant presence in the market. Such presence can produce investment opportunities that are not only below market value, but also off-market and exclusive to clients.


Before a project is offered to a client, a strict stage of due diligence is undertaken by the in-house research team. Responsible for analysis of property market data, business activity, local demographics and potential growth, the operation is vital to the security of clientele investments. The research is combined with vast experience, giving the team confidence that all new developments are excellent projects, in excellent locations.


It is essential to appoint the right solicitor to ensure your
acquisition is carried out efficiently and effectively, on time
and within a reasonable budget.

There are a variety of sectors within the Real Estate industry, and all require specific expertise to carry out the legal due diligence and exchange of contracts.


After years of experience in UK Real Estate, GRE Assets have built up a range of trusted contacts within the legal sector, and will always recommend a well suited solicitor for the job in hand. Clients are free to appoint the firm of their choice, but whoever is chosen, they will be closely monitored to ensure all legal documentation is completed on time, and they have been diligent in the detail.


Due to the complexity of the UK tax system, investors will require professional accountancy services to make sure that their tax structure complies with UK law, minimises tax liabilities, and is well suited to their portfolio objectives.

Within the team are in-house Chartered accountants to carry out the following services:

  1. Monitoring the UK tax system closely, allowing the team to plan ahead for any changes that may impact on the clients’ investments.
  2. Tax planning in order to minimise investors’ exposure to tax upon acquisition and exit. The strategy will be tailored to suit the client’s current structure and investment objectives.
  3. Registering an off-shore company if required
  4. Completing the annual tax return for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC).
  5. Providing an annual tax summary to all investors.


Having a trusted partner to undertake full property management is vital to ensure returns are maximised, and the property is kept in excellent condition during the

Rather than outsourcing the work to another company, GRE Assets formed their own in-house property management company; Modern Living Properties (MLP). They act solely for the management of the clients’ and the GRE portfolio.


Services include:


  • Finding quality tenants
  • Inventories
  • Tenant referencing
  • Holding deposits
  • Lease agreements
  • Collection of rent
  • Property inspections
  • Organising furniture


The timing and execution of an investors exit strategy is as important as their acquisition.

With economic markets constantly changing, it is imperative that local, national and global trends are monitored, and the timing is decided accordingly. This will allow investors to maximise returns by exploiting economic upturn.


Deciding an exit strategy involves more than economic timing, it requires a thorough consideration of which sales channels to use. GRE Assets will advise based upon Real Estate sector, location, cost, and how quickly the release of capital is required by the investor. The commitment to see each project through from acquisition to exit is what differentiates GRE Assets from other Real Estate firms.